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Campaign for the Electrolux Workers' Union of Thailand's Struggles for Reinstatement of Dismissed Workers

Thai Labour Campaign launches the campaign for freedom of collective bargaining and labor rights by supporting Electrolux Labor Union of Thailands freedom in demanding on wages adjustment in accordance with their years of service based on the current minimum rate of wage and promotion of status of agency workers to permanent employees and bonus payment to the Electrolux Company in Rayong province.

We also protest Electrolux Company that has dismissed 129 workers in January and refused Electrolux Labor Union of Thailands collective bargaining and Welfare Committees collective consultation mechanism.

Please support TLCs campaign by taking a photo with your Electrolux product as washing machines, refrigerators and other electrical appliances and saying to the company that Reinstate all dismissed workers and respect their collective bargaining NOW

ActNOW! : https://www.facebook.com/events/335852173199112

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