Compare Logbook Loans in the UK

At present time of financial emergency, people tend to look for emergency loan in order to meet their urgent needs and requirements. Considering the demands of loan, some loans have become popular in the general public and are highly welcomed by general masses.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 18.05.13You may need fast cash to pay you extra bills or for an improvement in the home or to buy something like car for home. In such a case you look for fast cash and the most important one among them is personal loan. You take personal loan in order to meet you short term and low casting needs. Similarly payday loans are available to you against your paycheck for a period of month or rarely more than a month. You get a handsome amount of cash to meet your urgent needs and requirements. The payday loans are usually given to you by loan lending institutions who offer loan against pay checks. The amount differs from institute to institute. However, the interest rate over the payday loan is too high to give the loan lender maximum profit. Moreover, the loan lender considers your bankruptcy and bad credit history and still manages to offer you loan. The loan period is no more than 30 days in general however the talks among borrower and lender may set their desired period of reimbursement. Payday loans are give on the basis of monthly income. In case of payday loans limited amount is offered to borrowers and the loan borrower can just meet up the necessary needs.

If you own a car or any other kind of vehicle you may ask for logbook loan if you need a heavy amount of cash. The logbook loan lending authorities take charge of you logbook license and give you loan even if you are a bankrupt or having a bad credit history. The logbook loan lenders offer loans over websites and ask to fill the online application form. Considering your application the logbook loan lenders call you in case of approval and demand logbook as surety against the loan. You can use your car as usual and can reimburse loan as settled between you. You can get maximum of 75% of worth of your car if your car is no older than 8 years. So in cases you can get a heavy amount of loan to meet up you shortcomings. You need to be over 18 and have your own car in order to get the logbook loan. The logbook loan lenders do not give you loan you are not eligible to their set criteria. In case of logbook loan, loan borrower has to pay heavy interest rate as compared to other organizations like bank but lower as compared to payday loans. You can calculate the interest rate using Logbook Calculator. The reimbursement period is set by having talks with the logbook loan lenders.

Logbook Calculator can help you to get your logbook loan. Though both the loans are taken to meet up the urgent needs, it is up to you to get the one that fits you well.